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Are you ready to get the purest, freshest-tasting water for your home? First, you might have some questions. If so, find the answers to some frequently asked water purification questions on this page. Superior Water & Equipment Sales offers water filtration systems in and around Lloydminster, and we also have coin-op water stations in Wainwright and Vermilion.

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What residential water filtration systems does Superior Water offer?

For residential applications, Superior Water uses industry-leading brands of premium micro-filtration systems, depending on the level of purification desired to meet your needs. The best water filters in residential applications are certified to reduce chlorine, particulate, taste and odour issues, cysts (including cryptosporidium and giardia), turbidity and asbestos.

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How often do I need to replace the filter cartridge?

Health Canada recommends replacing your water filter cartridge every 12 months. Following this guideline ensures that you and your family enjoy drinking water free from harmful contaminants such as chlorine, cysts and or parasites. Most households will get 9-12 months from a water filter, depending on water quality and frequency of usage.

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Can we run a water line to the refrigerator or ice maker?

In some cases, drinking water faucets on both the sink and the fridge can be done with 1 system. In other cases, 2 separate systems are required. For instance, if the water line for the fridge connects under the sink, we can install 1 system under the sink. Installing the line to the fridge may involve an additional charge. Our technicians can assess your options at the time of installation.

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Can we run our drinking water system to our main kitchen faucet?

Drinking water systems are designed to purify only water that will be used for consumption. We don’t recommend installing the system elsewhere, as you will be wasting high-level filters on water that does not necessarily need to be purified for use (such as water that is used for washing hands and dishes).

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What is reverse osmosis filtration?

Reverse osmosis systems generally consist of a basic filtration system combined with a semi-permeable membrane. The advantage of reverse osmosis is that high-quality systems will remove a wide range of pollutants and dissolved solids including:

  • Fluoride
  • Arsenic
  • Radium
  • Mercury
  • Nitrates and other fertilizers
  • Atrazine-based herbicides and pesticides

What is distillation?

A distiller simply boils water and traps the steam. The steam should be more or less pure and the contaminants are left behind. Similar to reverse osmosis, distillers remove a wide range of pollutants and dissolved solids. Distillers have some disadvantages that should be considered:

  • They are extremely power intensive and as a result are costly and environmentally unfriendly.
  • They are best used on water with low turbidity and high levels of dissolved solids.
  • Distillers are more costly to purchase and maintain than micro filtration systems.
  • Distillers are not always effective at removing volatile organic compounds (unless they also have carbon filtration as an additional component).
  • Distillation leads to “flat” tasting water.

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What do water softeners do?

Hard water contains large amounts of calcium and magnesium – two minerals that cause soapy scum on glasses and lime residue on kitchen or bathroom fixtures. Hard water can cause mineral build-up in water heaters, pipes, dishwashers and shower heads, reducing its flow. Water softeners are used to reduce hard minerals in the water through the exchange of ions of calcium and magnesium with sodium and potassium. We offer a range of water softeners.

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If you have further questions about water purification and filtration, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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