Water Purification in Lloydminster – Filters, Cleaners and UV Light

At Superior Water & Equipment Sales, our mission is to offer Lloydminster residents the purest, healthiest and best-tasting water for their homes. That’s why we offer a range of filtration systems like water softeners, whole-house and under-sink reverse osmosis systems, and iron filters. But if those methods aren’t right for your water purification needs, we also offer a range of other purification products.

Purify Tap Water

The water from your taps could taste as fresh as bottled water

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Disinfection Using Ultraviolet Light

Ultraviolet light is how nature disinfects water, as it can kill microorganisms and disrupt their DNA. A home UV system can purify water that may have become contaminated in a private well or municipal water supply. UV light won’t change the taste or odour of your water, but it can disinfect any potentially harmful microorganisms.

Filters and Cleaners

Are you bothered by impure water at home? Do you need special cleaning products to reverse the effects of hard water or iron deposits? We carry a range of supplies that can help you with your household water troubles. These include:

  • Iron Out rust stain remover
  • Res Care resin cleaner for water softeners
  • Pro Pot Perm iron filter regenerant
  • Acid reducers
  • Reverse osmosis filters and membranes
  • Carbon filters
  • Water cooler cleaning kits
  • Water cooler stands
  • Pumps
  • Taps

Water treatment isn’t as simple as installing equipment; it’s about knowing which equipment is right for the job at hand. At Superior Water & Equipment Sales, we follow proper testing and procedures in order to find the right product for you and professionally install it. The final result is cleaner, better-tasting water. Contact us to find out more.

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