Iron Filters to Purify Water in Your Lloydminster Home

Iron is one of the most undesirable water contaminants. It is common to most water supplies, but when it appears in concentrations of more than 0.3 ppm, it can have numerous adverse effects on your home and your water-drinking enjoyment.

These include:

  • Rust staining in toilets, sinks and appliances
  • Laundry and dish stains
  • Foul odour
  • Metallic taste
  • Reacts with tannins in coffee, tea or alcohol
  • Deposits in pipes and tanks

To remove iron and get the cleanest, freshest-tasting water for your home, you can count on Lloydminster’s Superior Water & Equipment Sales. Our iron filtration systems don’t use salt or chemicals, meaning that you’ll end up with the purest water possible. You can save on buying bottled water, cleaning your house will be easier, and you won’t damage clothes or appliances with rust stains. Contact us today!

Purify Tap Water

The water from your taps could taste as fresh as bottled water

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