Lloydminster’s Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Systems

If you want your taps at home to produce bottle-quality water, a reverse osmosis system from Lloydminster’s Superior Water & Equipment Sales is the answer. This filtration system uses a reverse osmosis membrane to filter out impurities like ions, bacteria, salt and large particles. Only the pure water gets through, leaving you with deliciously fresh-tasting water for drinking.

Purify Tap Water

The water from your taps could taste as fresh as bottled water

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Whole-House Reverse Osmosis

For the purest water for your entire home, there’s no better solution than a whole house reverse osmosis system. This is a system of pumps and filters that utilizes a storage tank to keep a ready supply of purified water on hand. All of your household water will be filtered through this system, meaning that all of your outlets and appliances will have beautifully purified water.

Under-Counter Reverse Osmosis

For a cheaper solution than whole house reverse osmosis, it’s also possible to get a water filtration system for underneath your sink. This filters a single faucet rather than your entire house, but it’s similarly effective in producing purified water. When you consider the expense, inconvenience and environmental impacts of drinking bottled water every day, an under-counter reverse osmosis system is the easiest way to get constant access to fresh-tasting water.

If you want to stop buying bottled water and get the freshest-tasting drinking water right out of your tap, contact Superior Water & Equipment Sales today.

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