Water Testing in Lloydminster: Water Purification for Your Home

Does your water taste or smell unpleasant? Is it leaving deposits in your fixtures or staining your clothes and dishes? Is your hair not as shiny as you’d like or are your appliances breaking down? If you’re not entirely satisfied with the quality of the water in your home, come see the water purifying professionals at Lloydminster’s Superior Water & Equipment Sales.

Purify Tap Water

The water from your taps could taste as fresh as bottled water

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Chemical Tests to Diagnose Water Contaminants

If you’re experiencing problems with the water in your house, we can come diagnose the problem. Sometimes, this will be as simple as tasting your water and looking at your tub. Other times, we will need to test the chemical makeup of your water. This can usually be done on-site, but in some instances, we may need to send your water to our label for further inspection.

In order to find the purification system that’s perfect for you, we’ll need to know exactly what contaminants are in your water. That’s why you need professionals who will follow proper testing procedures. To hire the experts to come to your home, contact Superior Water & Equipment Sales today.

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